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25 February 2011

The Fallen myths in the current Arab revolution

By: Salim Nazzal
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Not only three Arab regimes have collapsed in two months but most important is the fallen of the barrier of fear which made one demonstrator say that he could not believe that these regimes are that weak.

 Several myths have fallen in the current Arab revolution: the first is the assumption that the dominance of the religious culture in the Arab culture is an obstacle for a revolution for freedom and human rights. The currents revolution makes it clear that Arabs aspiration for freedom is not less than other nations.

The second myth which fell down is the wide belief in the ruling circles in the west that Arab non democratic regimes hinder Islamists from taking the political power. This was likely the justification to support these regimes. This assumption is not grounded as I have argued in several occasions in the past years. The emergence of political Islam, especially its violent form was a result of the policy of these regimes which do not allow for any real political participation. 

 However the current revolution demonstrates beyond doubt that the Islamists are the weaker party in these revolutions. The vast majority demonstrated in Tunis and Egypt and those fighting Gaddafi today are the young generation who seeks a change for democracy and transparency and social justice.

The fourth myth is the fallen of the argument that the uprooting of these regimes must come from outside which legitimized the American occupation of Iraq. The current revolution demonstrates that the civilian people are able to shake and uproot despotism with their bare hands.

The fifth fallen myth is the fallen of the clash of civilization theory which divided culture into conflicting zones, and which was much focused on after the September 2001 and allowed the stereotyping of the Islamic societies.

* A Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. - salim_nazzal@yahoo.com

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