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26 April 2009

Racist Israel vs Durban Conference Mirror, 
Mirror on the Wall, who is the Racist of them All

By: Dr. Elias Akleh
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It seems that Durban Anti-Racism Review Conference II that started last Monday April 20th in Geneva has concluded with the worthless ineffective declaration with 143 articles calling for the protection of vulnerable minorities, and urging states to combat impunity for crimes of genocide. It also named “neo-Nazi, neo-Fascism, and other violent national ideologies” as dangers that need to be combated. These are routine calls that are not new and are known to every state. More like Durban I there were no solutions, no action plans, no regulations, no laws, and no remedial and preventative measures to racism, discriminations and xenophobia.


A main reason for the ineffectiveness, and some may consider failure, of Durban II is due to the growing number of Western countries blindly joining the US and Israel in boycotting the Conference. This sabotaging boycott started with Durban I conference in 2001 when the US and Israel walked out of the conference after the attempt of the Arab states to define Zionism as a racist ideology.


Although the Durban 2001 Declaration and Program of Action did not include any inciting language against Israel, but asserted that Israel as a state is entitled to security like all other states, American President Obama decided to boycott the conference claiming concern over adopting language from the 2001 final document and its expressions of what he called “antagonism towards Israel”. He claimed that participating in the 2009 Conference “would have involved putting our imprimatur on something that we just don’t believe.” Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and New Zealand followed the American and Israeli suit and boycotted the Conference.


The real reasons for the leaders of these countries boycotting the Durban Conference is their unwillingness to look in the mirror and face their own dark records of racism and discrimination, their inability to show real improvement in their anti-racist and anti-discriminatory records, and most importantly their inability to totally control and manipulate the Conference and its outcome to serve their own interest in suppressing the growing anti-racist movement.


The US has been, since inception, and still is a racist society rather than the melting pot they claim to be. The US was established on discrimination against the Native American Indians and the theft of their land, was built on the backs of the African slaves, and “emancipated” through a racist civil war. America entered wars against many nations and finally fought Bush’s “Crusade” war against the so-called Islamic terrorists. The latest election of last November is the clearest proof of its racist division. The fate of the black communities of flooded New Orleans in 2005, and the Los Angeles riots of 1992 show the ugly face of the American racism and discrimination. When asked to identity themselves a majority of the Americans would use racist terminology such as African American, Latino American, British American, Arab American, Jewish American and so on.


Canadians are similar to the Americans; they are originally European occupiers, who dispossessed the indigenous people; the First Nations of Canada. There is also discrimination between the main two occupiers of Canada; French and English.


Australians, originally British occupiers, are no better than the American or the Canadians. They have disenfranchised and discriminated against the Australian Aborigines and had massacred the indigenous inhabitants of the Tasmanian Island. The history of the British colonies, once the sun never set on them, is a clear sign of British racism and discrimination against other people. The governments of the rest of the boycotting countries do not have better records either.


The boycotters said they would not attend the Conference for fears that the Iranian President; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would use the summit to propagate what they claim to be hate speech and anti-Semitic views. Yet Ahmadinejad’s speech dealt directly with the source of racism (Western coercive powers he called them and I call them the power elites), who used Zionist ideology to create “the most cruel and repressive, racist regime in occupied Palestine Israel. European delegates walked out of the conference refusing to face this ugly truth even though many more international delegates stayed and applauded Ahmadinejad’s speech expressing their support and conviction of the Israeli racism.


Ahmadinejad’s speech was anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic, for these are totally two different things, although Zionists claim them to be the same. Anti-Zionism stands against the nationally chauvinist and religiously racist and supremacist terrorist state of Israel. The majority of Zionist Jewish Israeli citizens are originally Khazars, Russian, European and North and South Americans and not Semitic. The few real Semitic Jews, such as the Iranian Jewish community, who constitutes the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel, stand against the Zionist Israeli state, and refuse to immigrate to Israel. Zionist Israel is in fact the worst anti-Semitic since it had perpetrated war crimes and genocides against all its Arab neighbors; the real Semites, who lived on the land for thousands of years.


Zionist Jewish Israelis prescribe to a jealous, vengeful, racist, and murdering god, who chooses a small group of people over the rest of his children, who wants to be glorified through their genocidal crimes against other nations, who orders this chosen people to burn villages, commit crimes against helpless children, women and elderly, commit crimes against farm animals and against mother Earth by burning crops, cutting down trees and razing fertile land. 


This jealous god (Exodus 20:5) hates all people even his own chosen (Exodus 33:20) and threatens them with annihilation if they don’t “serve him joyfully” (Deuteronomy 28:47 – 62) and if they turn to Aryan gods (Deuteronomy 6:15). He orders his chosen people to commit genocide (Samuel I 15:3), fratricide (Exodus 3:27 -28), cannibalism (Leviticus 26:29), robbery and theft (Exodus 3:22), to keep slaves (Leviticus 25:44 – 46), to discriminate against women and to despise children (Leviticus 27: 2- 8), to demand all gold to be delivered to him and fosters avariciousness (Exodus 25:3, 33:5), and he even encourages the torture of animals (Exodus 29:36). Biblical scholar Raymund Schwager has found in the Old Testament 600 passages of explicit violence, 1000 descriptive verses of god’s own violent actions of punishment, 100 passages where god expressly commanded ancient Israelites to kill people.  Do we then wonder why Israel is a brutal racist terrorist state?


Let us look at some racist quotes of their Zionist leaders. Joseph Weitz, the head of Jewish Agency’s Colonization Department, stated in 1940 “between ourselves it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples (Israelis and Palestinians) together in this country. There is no other way than to transfer Arabs from here to neighboring countries …all of them. Not one village, not one tribe should be left”. (A solution to The Refugee Problem by Joseph Weitz, Davar, September 29, 1967, originally from “My Diary and Letters to the Children” Massada, 1965, III, p. 293)


Here are some quotes by David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister: “We must expel Arabs and take their place” (Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press 1985), “We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return. The old will die and the young will forget” and “The present map of Palestine was drawn by the British mandate. The Jewish people have another map which our youth and adults should strive to fulfill… from the Nile to the Euphrates”.


Menahim Begin, another Israeli Prime Minister, described the Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs” (speech to the Knesset quoted in Amnon Kapeliok’s “Begin and the Beasts”; New Statesman, June 25, 1982. Every Israeli leader and political figure, without exception, had advocated the annihilation of Arabs, including the use of nuclear bombs, and the transfer of Palestinians. Israel’s wars against its neighbors express this racist nihilistic policy.


Even Israel’s so-called religious rabbis express their racist supremacist inclinations and their genocidal thirst. All rabbis boast of their supremacy as god’s chosen people. “Jewish blood and a goy’s (gentile’s, non-Jew) blood are not the same” explained Israel’s rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg (Jerusalem Post, June 19, 1989) inferring that killing isn’t murder if the victim was a (gentile) non-Jew. Israeli army chief Rabbi, Brig General Avicai Ronsky, authorized the distribution of religious booklets to the army encouraging them to murder every Palestinians in Gaza. Other Rabbis such as Yisrael Rosen, the director of religious Tsomet Institute, called for “All of Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants and even their beasts”. This genocidal call was supported by Rabbi Mordechai Eliyaho, former Chief Eastern Rabbi for Israel, Rabbi Dov Lior, president of the Council of Rabbis in Judea and Samaria (West Bank of Palestine), and by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Safad. The rest of Rabbis in Israel follow suit of course.


Since Israel is described as a Jewish state (absolute racism), it follows that Israeli Jews enjoy special rights which Palestinians and all other Goyim are denied. Israeli Supreme Court recognizes two operational judicial systems in Israel; one for Jews and the other for Palestinians, where laws could be created and modified right on the spot to penalize Palestinians, and to deprive them from the simplest civil and human rights.


Zionists, eventually, succeeded in omitting from Durban Conference Declaration any mention of the late Palestinian holocaust in Gaza, and had toned down the anti-Islamic hatred paragraph so that it would not infringe on freedom of expression, as they claimed.  Yet they introduced a paragraph recalling that “The (Jewish) holocaust must never be forgotten”.  


The Jews had perpetrated numerous uglier holocausts against other nations (Goyim) than they have suffered on the hands of the Nazis. Yet there was no mention of the holocausts ancient Israelites perpetrated against the indigenous people of the Middle East. There was no mention of the holocaust of African slaves, who lost an estimated 99 millions in a span of a hundred years, while being transported on slave ships belonging to Jewish slave traders such as Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Moses Seixas and many others. The Carnegie Institute in Washington DC contains authentic incriminating documentation entitled “Documents Illustrative of History of Slave Trades in America(Who Brought the Slaves to America? By Walter White).


 There was no mention of the 100 million Christian Russians who were exterminated by the Jewish Commissars under the orders of Leon Trotsky (a Jew) in 1917-1945. Russian Jews were also responsible for the killing of 65 million other Christians in the Bolshevik Revolution. Ten million Ukrainians were murdered and starved to death by Stalin and his Jewish Cheka (pre-KGB secret police) led by his Jewish brother-in-law Lazar Kagnovitch, who was also responsible for mass execution in Estonia, Latvia and Lethuania, and the murder of three million Moslems in USSR, and the massacres of Cossaks and Volga Germans. All accounted for at least 40 million deaths (holocausts)


All these holocausts, and many others, are well documented historical events, while the Jewish Holocaust is surrounded by many doubts and denials. It is a real perplexing issue that any scientific study of this holocaust is met by resistance and is severely punishable by laws. What happens to the freedom of expression and to scientific research when it comes to Jewish matters? One wonders what secrets such studies would reveal, and why wouldn’t they refute these denials by such studies once and for all. What is so taboo and illegal about studying any historical event?


Racist Jewish Israel is the most dangerous terrorist tool controlled by behind -he-scene Western Zionist power elite. Armed with the most devastating Western-made weapons and with its own WMD Israeli government constitutes a grave danger to the Middle East and to the world peace.

* Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala. Currently he lives in the US. - eakleh@ca.rr.com

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